El Dorado County

Guide to living in El Dorado County

El Dorado County is located in east-central California and the county’s western area contains part of Folsom Lake. Due to its location, the landscape is both beautiful and inviting. These landscapes attract residents and tourists to enjoy outdoor activities throughout the whole year.

As of 2017, El Dorado County estimated population was 188,987. Its county seat The City of Placerville, located 45 miles from Sacramento, had a 2017 estimated population of 10,936. In addition, the County’s most populous city South Lake Tahoe had a population estimated of 21,978. An interesting fact about this county is that it ranked as the 9th healthiest county in California in 2016.


El Dorado County Education


The department in charge of supporting, monitoring and motivating the schools in this east-central County is El Dorado County Office of Education. This department supports all 15 districts and 67 schools, however, the school districts and community college districts are independent of it. Having said that, there are two community colleges, one in Danville and the second is South Lake Tahoe. Also, there are two universities located also in Danville and one Education Medical Center. If you want to live and work in this gorgeous county, then first start thinking about mortgage applications.

El Dorado County Economy


This County counts with more than 50 ranches around both cities and communities. These ranches provide farm fresh fruits and vegetables, u-pick apple farms and many times crafts and entertainment. On the other hand, the varieties of farms produce and provide agricultural products. These products can also be centralized in Certified Farm Markets around the cities and communities. Moreover, there are also over 70 wineries with award-winning wines, these offer tasting rooms and competitive products.

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Del Norte County

Del Norte County a Guide to living in

Del Norte County is a county located in the far northwest corner of the State of California. As of 2017, the population was 27,470 and its county seat and the only incorporated city is Crescent City. This county is notably rural and their forests contain giant Coast Redwoods, beautiful millennial trees with 350 feet high. In addition, the northernmost county is famous for the Patterson-Gimlin film. Also, some of the forest scenes used in the film Return of the Jedi were filmed in Del Norte County.

Also, the county offers recreation areas such as Smith River National Recreation Area, the Klamath River, and the Smith River. In addition to it, there are several parks that enlarge the list of recreational areas for residents and visitors. The list includes Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park which includes 8 miles of wild Pacific coastline, Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, and Redwood National Park.

Del Norte County Education

Del Norte count homes a satellite campus of College of the Redwoods, a two-year college based in Humboldt County. In terms of schools, the Del Norte County Unified School Districts does provide a range of education centers. They are five k-5 elementary schools, three k-8 elementary schools, one high school: Del Norte High School and one middle school. On the other hand, getting to know more about the education area in the county for your kids is an important step. However, if you are planning to move, maybe a bit of advice would help you. The first step is to apply for a mortgage application, let us help you find the right mortgage.

Del Norte County Economy


The public sector is the largest employer in the county this is because it accounts for almost half of all wage and salary jobs. One example is Pelican Bay State Penitentiary; this is one of the largest entities that employ more than 1,000 people. On the other hand, the forecast highlights between 2017 to 2022 states good predictions for the economy. According to them, Del Norte labor market will generate almost 40 new jobs. Also, a 5.5 percent increase is the expectation for industrial production.

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contra costa county

Guide to living in Contra Costa County

Contra Costa is a county that occupies the northern portion of the east bay region of the San Francisco Bay area. As of 2017, the population was 1,147,439, the country seat is Martinez City and its downtown is notable for its large number of preserved antique shops and old buildings.

Also, regarding the education in Martinez, the Martinez Unified School District covers several schools in the city. These are four elementary schools, one middle school, one high school, and two alternative independent study schools.  In addition, part of Martinez is also served by the Mount Diablo Unified School District with Valley Elementary School. Plus, a private Roman Catholic elementary school also serves the capital city with St. Catherine of Siena School.

Interesting places to visit in Contra Costa County

Contra Costa County along with Alameda count with the East Bay Regional Park District. This park District is a parkland and trail system that comprises over 73 parks and 1,250 miles of trails. Within these areas, residents and visitors are invited to do as many recreational activities as they wish. Among these activities, there are hiking, biking,  picnicking, and horseback riding. In addition, this park-land ensure the preservation of nature, they also provide habitat for wildlife including many endangered places. Plus, a noticeable advantage for this county is a tangible economic benefit and aesthetic values.

Contra Costa County Economy


In terms of economic development, Contra Costa County counts with agriculture, cattle ranching and many fruit crops, such as pears, stone fruit especially cherries and additionally orchard crops. However, the heavy industry in the county also is a major part of the economic growth. There are Oil refineries such as Chevron, Shell Oil in Richmond City and Tesoro in Martinez. On the other hand, both in Richmond and Hercules there has been a housing boom. This boom is due to the mix of races and income level and a gentrified characteristic. If you find this information appealing, and you would like to work and live in this county, let us help you find the best mortgage for you.

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