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A Guide to living in San Mateo County

San Mateo County, one of the nine counties bordering the San Francisco Bay, is a county in the U.S State of California. As for the population, in January 2018 the county homed over 774,155 locals. What’s more, the county seat is Redwood City which is 27 miles south of San Francisco.

Places to visit in San Mateo County

In San Mateo County, many outdoor activities are available for anyone to enjoy. To make up a list, let’s start from where to go for a simple walk and then we move on to partying in a festival. First, San Pedro Valley Park is a walker’s paradise, one that also offers to climb the top of Montana Mountain. Second, another place to hike, bike and rent a surfboard or a kayak is Linda Mar Beach which is as good as any other in the county. Third, a less nature-related activity is the San Francisco Bay Area Aloha Festival. This festival offers a piece of Hawaii in California along with great local flavors for the buying.

The Economy in San Mateo County

San Mateo County is a fast-economic growing area. This is true giving the increasing employment rate, which grew by 4.5 percent, along with no major job losses in any sector. Also, the average salary in the county is well above the California average. Plus, between 2017 to 2022 an average of 1,700 housing permits will be issued each year.

On the other hand, San Mateo County homes major business as Facebook, Youtube, Oracle Corporation, Visa Inc, and Sony Interactive Entertainment. These and other big companies make the employment rate grow each year and enlarge the average weekly wage in the county.

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    Santa Cruz County

    Guide to living in Santa Cruz County

    Santa Cruz County is a county in the Pacific coast of the U.S state of California. To be more specific, the county is on the California Central Coast in the south of the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition, the count forms the northern coast of the Monterey Bay. In terms of population, as of 2018, the county had 276.864 locals spreaded through the county seat, Santa Cruz and its four cities.

    Places to visit in Santa Cruz County

    In Santa Cruz County there are many different places to explore and many other things to do. In fact, this county takes advantage of its seasons to draw the tourist’s attention. One of its slogans is Winter Wildlife Gateway, which is a great excuse to celebrate the start of the best wildlife watching in California. As for hotels and inns, the county offers a great variety to make your stay worth.

    In addition to it, if your vacation is set for summer then Santa Cruz Boardwalk is ideal for classic summer fun. This amusement park is one of the most famous places to go in the county due to the sandy shores of Monterey Bay. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy an old-fashioned train ride through the city’s most scenic areas then the Roaring Camp Railroad is at hand.

    The Economy in Santa Cruz County

    Even though Santa Cruz County is the second-smallest county in terms of physical size, its economy is not as bad at all. In fact, the employment rate went up to 2.5 percent and there were not any meaningful job losses in any major economic sector. On that note, the largest sectors that created new jobs are construction, wholesale and retail trade; government, education, and healthcare. As for farm production, it is expected to grow by 0.9 percent with the top crop being the strawberry.

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      Alpine County

      Guide to living in Alpine County

      Alpine County is one of California’s less populated counties. Alpine is in the Sierra Nevada mountain range; also it is located between Lake Tahoe and Yosemite National Park. One interesting fact about Alpine is that there are no cities in this county; therefore its area is rather small. In addition, its county seat is Markleeville.  This census-designated place hosts a distinguished annual bicycle ride called the Death ride and is part of the Tour of the California Alps. What makes this contest important is how challenging it is. The contestants need to go over 5 mountains over 15,000 feet of elevation gain.

      Interesting Places to Visit in Alpine County

      This county lists two properties that are part of the National Register in the county. The first one is the Alpine County Courthouse; this building is the seat of the Alpine Government. The second one is the Old Webster School House and it is part of the California Historic Point of interest. An interesting fact is that the famous Nevada architect Frederic Joseph designed these Historic places back in 1928 and 1929.

      In addition, another set of interesting places to visit is The Alpine County Historical Complex in Markleeville. This complex houses the county’s museum, The Old Log Jail, and The Old Webster School. Furthermore, a positive side of this small county is its simplicity and landscape. These characteristics might be enough to consider it a place to live in. So if you are considering buying a new home then choosing the right mortgage is the first step.

      The business side in Alpine County

      This County offers its natural resource as a recreational to their habitats, for instance, the Bear Valley Area, Kirkwood Area and Markleeville Area offer three dozen campgrounds and thousands of acres for camping. Also, there are beautiful resorts such as Lake Alpine Resort to dine in and skiing and snowboarding destinations such as Bear Valley Mountain Resort and the Kirkwood Mountain Resort.

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