Best Places to Live in California

You may be one of many people looking for move to the Golden State. From the rolling hills of Northern California’s wine country to the exceptional beaches of Southern California’s oceanfront. The Golden State’s natural beauty and range of outdoor activities are simply indescribable.

California is a place of opportunity. Dreamers go to launch groundbreaking tech companies in Silicon Valley or chase stardom in Hollywood. In addition, California offers what everyone is looking for when moving to a new place: a high quality of life.

There are some common factors that everyone seeks when looking for a new place to settle. These factors may be affordability, safety, job market and education So, if you are planning to head west, here are the best cities in California to consider.

Best Places to Live in California

Los Angeles

The second-most populous metropolitan area in the country after New York City. Los Angeles offers a stable and growing job market. Also, it is the center of the United States’ booming film and entertainment industry. Los Angeles is the perfect city for those who enjoy the great outdoors, outstanding restaurants, and a true cosmopolitan vibe.


California’s state capital receives its best scores for its job market. It has an annual salary of $56,430, nearly $5,000 above the national average. Reports says that The Sacramento area is one of the fastest-growing regions in the state. Sales prices for homes average just $398,425.

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San Diego

San Diego is one of the best coastal cities in California. It is known by its warm climate, world-class restaurants, and surfable beaches. In this place you will find low unemployment, high average salaries, and shorter commute times. U.S. News says that the city is the 22nd best place to live in the country.

San Jose

Those searching for a happy and secure place to call home will find it in San Jose. San Jose was named the third best place to live in the U.S. in 2017 by U.S. News, not only because its sunny weather and stable housing market, but also because the city’s strong job market and impressive population growth. However, using in San Jose is very, very expensive.

San Francisco

With the Golden Gate Bridge and the iconic cable cars, San Francisco is one of America’s most beloved cities. A median home price in San Francisco is of $782,350, according to data from Zillow. However, while San Francisco’s real estate market is very expensive, the area’s higher average income of more than $70,000 offsets those high costs. So for those looking for a bustling urban environment, outstanding restaurants and a thriving job market San Francisco is the best place.

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